Get Lean Plan


The Get Lean Plan is a month-by-month fat-loss plan focusing on your diet whilst tapping in to your overall lifestyle.

Achieving results & your long term success is my aim, so you never feel the frustration & confusion of “dieting” again.

I will provide you with the structure, we then work together to ensure it is personalised to you, your goals & your needs.

Step 1:
I assess your lifestyle & goals via a detailed Questionnaire
Step 2:
You receive a template Shopping List, Meal Planner & Recipe eBooks.
Step 3:
I set your daily/weekly Calorie target, along with a few other markers.
Step 4:
We track this via MyFitnessPal or via submitting Food Diaries on this site.
Step 5:
We monitor your progress via Weekly Check In‘s, make adjustments & I answer your questions.

The Get Lean Plan has helped past clients achieve their fat-loss goals, improve energy levels, increase confidence whilst consuming foods they enjoy.

The plan is adaptable to your needs, requirements, preferences and lifestyle. Our weekly check in’s ensure we stay on top and personalise the Get Lean Plan to you whilst keeping you accountable to your goals.

This isn’t me telling you what to eat, it is a joint effort to adapt your regime to support your fat-loss efforts. Several of the success stories on the results pages have come from the Get Lean Plan.

*It is recommended that you commit to 2-3 months on the Get Lean Plan to achieve the results you want.