Get Lean Plan


Let’s keep things simple.
The ‘Get Lean Plan’ is a month by month fat-loss plan focusing on your diet and overall lifestyle. The Get Lean Plan has helped past clients achieve their fat-loss goals, improve their energy levels, regain their confidence whilst consuming foods they enjoy.

We set and track your calorie intake together via a free app or via this website.
We ‘check in’ weekly to monitor progress & agree any adjustments needed.
We look at your lifestyle together, building habits for the long term.

Completely lost with your nutrition? Need some accountability? Over-thinking food groups and meals? Not making progress with your fat-loss that you should be making? I get it.

The Get Lean Plan will draw a line under that.

We don’t do 6am HIIT workouts in front of the TV.
We don’t only eat boring foods you’d typically see in a “diet”.
We don’t do 60mins of mind-numbing cardio in the gym every night.
We don’t follow a generic weights programme aimlessly.

Want me to look over your gym programme? Sure, I’ll do that.
Want to ask a question about hydration, supplements or sleep? Go for it.
Want to push things further and accelerate your progress? We can discuss.
Need some meal inspiration? Check your inbox for a Recipe eBook.

It is recommended that you commit to 2-3 months on the Get Lean Plan to achieve the results you want.