The Get Lean Plan


The Get Lean Plan is a monthly fat-loss plan, focusing on your dietary intake, and overall lifestyle.

I will provide you with a structure so you can be clear on what steps are necessary to reach your goal.

Once I receive your Questionnaire & 3 Food Diaries

Part 1:
I will provide you with;
1. Principles, Tips, Myths & FAQ’s
2. Shopping List
3. Menu & Meal Planners & 3-Day Template
4. Recipe E-Book

Part 2:
Throughout your first week, we’ll keep in close contact to personalise your plan.
Following this you will check in with me weekly.
You can submit Food Diaries including meal photos which I will provide feedback on.
You will Log Your Progress weekly, including scale weight, waist/hip measurements & progress photos (optional).
Any questions, feedback or questions will be addressed during our weekly check-in.

The Get Lean Plan is not an exercise plan. We will focus entirely on your dietary intake, however we will discuss your current exercise regime to make sure you’re getting the most return for your efforts.

Your long-term success is my aim, so you never have the frustration of “dieting” again. It is highly recommended that you commit for a minimum of 2-3 months to achieve the results you deserve.

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