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Will drinking water help you lose weight?

Drinking water is kind of essential right? If you don’t, you die. A huge number of people are dehydrated at any one time. Most new clients when they come to me and complete food & drink diaries simply don’t drink enough. But will drinking water help you lose weight? Within 10 minutes of drinking water, it temporarily increases your metabolism by 24-30%. This means your...

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The State of Things… (Warning: bit ranty)

In the UK… 65% of men… 58% of women… overweight or obese. 33% of children aged 10… overweight or obese. 16,000 people live in my town… There are SIX gyms… Multiple sports teams… A Tennis club & 2 Swimming pools… Cyclists everywhere (cheers Tour De France)… Surrounded by countryside. A National Park ONE mile away. This isn’t a rant about my town, just a good...

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3 reasons your diet isn’t working..

Why your diet isn’t working… 1. You’re lying about what you’re eating.. You’re simply not being honest. You document the healthy stuff you consume, but don’t take in to account the other things, the biscuits at work, that bit of cake after tea, them cups of coffee with 2 sugars in. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have them but it all counts towards your daily/weekly...

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