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8 Minutes of Fat-Loss Knowledge Bombs

First, time for some tough love, so I apologise now… It’s your fault. You choose what goes in your mouth and you choose how much of it you eat. Don’t blame anyone else. But it’s not ALL your fault… There is endless bullshit in this industry. It’s rife with people talking junk about how to lose fat. All my clients get briefed right from the...

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Will drinking water help you lose weight?

Drinking water is kind of essential right? If you don’t, you die. A huge number of people are dehydrated at any one time. Most new clients when they come to me and complete food & drink diaries simply don’t drink enough. But will drinking water help you lose weight? Within 10 minutes of drinking water, it temporarily increases your metabolism by 24-30%. This means your...

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My take on the “5:2 Diet”… and it’s good!

If you haven’t heard of “The 5:2 Diet” it is basically a way of dieting where you “diet” 5 days a week and eat “normally” the other 2 days, to give you a break. Sounds perfect right? Dieting with 2 days off a week to eat your favourite foods? I believe it’s a great idea, there is just one slight problem… Most people eat far...

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