about me

Meet Craig...

It used to be me... I was overweight. I've been on the same journey that I'm now empowering others to make, so I know the road.

Working one-to-one with me means a truly personalised experience. We don’t do generic plans around here. I need you to go it alone someday, so I must teach you what I know. My time in the Personal Training circle has allowed me to develop systems & strategies to head you in the right direction, doing the things that actually lead to results.
I have a passion for enhancing how people look, feel and perform, without them being misled by false promises and the many misconceptions and myths that lie in wait in this crazy industry. My honest, educated and experienced methods cut straight to what's important, leaving out the 'fluff'. You tell me where you want to get to, and I map out how we get there. Your end-goal becomes my priority, and by delving in to your lifestyle, I leave nothing to chance.

Since completing a Degree in Sport & Exercise Physiology I have tirelessly pursued additional knowledge and expertise, surrounding myself with some of the best in the industry. Their coaching and mentorship enables me to best customise every aspect of our plan, according to you, the client, and your goal.

You want results. And I pride myself on getting them. What a perfect combo.



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