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I was recommended to Craig by a friend. I had been doing a mix of training for the last couple of years, including PT, weights and cardio but just didn’t have my nutrition on track. For various reasons, my training slipped and so did my diet, meaning I quickly put weight on & felt unhappy. I started GetLean just before Christmas, and Craig made it so simple to follow an easy plan and include food I enjoyed rather than a strict plan. I haven’t been perfect on the plan, but the accountability Craig provided quickly got me back on track and I am happy with the progress I have made in such a short space of time. My thoughts about food and training has definitely changed, and I know that I can seek advice when needed from Craig and feel supported through my Get Lean Plan. Would recommend.

Becky -
Megan Wrighton

I was initially drawn to Craig because of his no bullshit attitude. Craig is a real person who understands the struggles real people go through, and that life generally gets in the way. He's super encouraging and made me feel good about myself without giving me too much of a hard time if I had a bad day/meal etc. Thanks to Craig I've changed small habits and understand more about myself and my emotional eating tendencies. Going it alone has been harder than I thought, but the thing with Craig is he's always there. I saw a change in the time I was with him and not all my victories were visible. Thanks Craig!!

Megan -

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I originally started working with Craig due to struggling with progress I was making in relation to my diet. I had the training right but I was listening to the opinion of a lot of the wrong people. I was already of a slim build but it was that final progress I was always chasing and getting fed up meal wise before I had chance to get to my goals and they seemed unsustainable.
Once Craig ironed out all the myths I had fallen victim to over the years I have been consistent with my weight since and its an easy lifestyle to follow not the 'on or off the wagon' state of mind. I would recommend Get Lean Stay Lean to anyone whether it be a weight loss goal or fitness related diet as the facts and support are available throughout as well as everything being personalised to me and not a preset plan for a female.

Heidi -

My work life balance had struggled over the last few years meaning that my general health had also taken a beating & I needed some guidance & support to get me back on track!
I'd put on nearly 3 stone due to always being sat in the car & generally eating at the motorway services. Long hours meant my exercise was non-existent & I'd tried all obvious routes such as Weight Watchers & even some of the MLM schemes looking for a quick fix only to be in a worse situation!
However, I needed drastic change & after a consultation with Craig it was clear he had amazing knowledge and he was a guy I knew I could work with.
Craig is genuine, knowledgeable, likeable & incredibly supportive. We set about putting in place changes & creating real focus around my diet, & the rest is history.
I lost 2.5 stone within 3 months in a healthy way around my lifestyle & have benefited in so many other areas such as increased confidence, improved energy etc. I honestly can not recommend Craig enough, the guidance & support continues today & I'm pleased to see him go from strength to strength, thanks Craig.

Alex -

I was quite lean to start with but I decided to sign up because I wanted to see what a better version of myself would look like. Thanks to Craig’s constant support and guidance I have achieved my goal of getting leaner and it feels amazing! I like how he changed the way I think about the food and how I learned from him to make “macros” work for me to get the desired results. Thank you!

Liga -

Can't thank Craig enough for his knowledge and guidance on both nutrition and training. He's managed to give me the one thing no 'diet' or extreme fad can - and that's balance, something i thought i'd never get. That's the difference in getting lean and staying lean. Thank you.

Ed -

After deciding I was fed up with being a fat retired racer with a daddy belly, I got in contact with Craig. Dieting has never been so easy with simple and easy steps to watching what you eat and meal plans to enjoy all sorted out for you. Craig is always on hand for support and guidance and I'm happy to say, with his plan I managed to lose 18lb and 12cm off my waist and never felt better. Happy to be this weight now, feel so much better about myself. The best feeling I’ve had is how much better I feel in clothes. I’ve tried so many things in the past and this has been so easy. Thank you buddy!

Jamie -

I'd piled on the weight and decided it was time to change. I'd seen a lot of people on meal replacements and I knew that wasn't for me. I'd seen Craig’s results and ethos, so I got in touch. He set me up with a very flexible diet plan and I got going. With his guidance and expert knowledge I've not only changed my weight, but changed my lifestyle as well. I haven’t slept right for the past 2 years but genuinely my sleeping is better too. Craig has extraordinary knowledge and his results do more talking than I ever could. Really enjoying seeing the results. Dieting isn’t anywhere as hard as it's made out to be.

Lyle -

You'll be glad to know, 9 Stone 2, I've got my waist back! I'm over the moon!

Sarah -

I was struggling to maintain a balanced diet, bored of eating the same old food and not getting anywhere. I spoke to Craig and explained my goals, what I was eating and what I wanted to achieve. He sent me an individualised plan with simple recipes that weren't focused on eating minuscule portions. The plan Craig sent made it easy to make meals out of loads of different ingredients and has helped me lose weight and reach my goals. The ingredients aren't ridiculously priced and weren't flavourless. Craig has definitely helped me get to where I want to be with my weight.

Mark -
James Sharratt

After coming back from a lads holiday I decided to give GLSL a go. The meals were diverse & interesting, the knowledge on how & when to eat was detailed but not overwhelming & I've never looked leaner... Fantastic flexible support, no fad-like diet tips, just real food & I got the results... I'd recommend GLSL to anyone who was looking to feel fresher, eat real food & burn some body fat!

James -

I have been a solid gym go-er for a while now and I like to think I have a good understanding of health and fitness. When it comes to dieting though I lack discipline, motivation and inspiration. I came to Craig for help. Craig gave me all the info I could have asked for and more! With his guidance and motivation I have managed to clean up my diet. It has made a massive difference. I feel better all round as well as looking so much better too! He has always been there to answer my questions, and has catered to my likes and dislikes! Thanks Craig for all your help, Chris.

Chris -

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I was getting nowhere. The odd run, a trip to the gym now and then, staying off alcohol. The most I could manage was to lose a pound or 2. Even worse was the shape I was in and this was what was frustrating me the most. I dropped Craig a message just asking for the odd tip and what followed completely changed my outlook on food and the way it impacts on your body. Craig totally re-created my diet. I thought that drinking fruit juice and eating almost nothing but fruit would make the difference. Little did I know. After help from Craig I went from being on the uncomfortable side of a 36 inch waist to being on the comfortable side of a 34 inch waist within a few weeks. I'm eating healthier now than ever and completely loving my food. I look forward to every meal because I know the good it is doing me. A year on and my clothes fit and I'm not ashamed to doff my t'shirt when I'm on holiday. Thank you Craig.

Harry -

I've dieted for ten years and never really achieved the results I wanted despite thinking I knew what I should eat, Craig's plan gave me the fastest and best results I've had and is constantly on hand to support and advise!

Tom -
Tom Lord 1

My social life had taken over, too many parties, holidays and consuming alcohol at weekends along with eating out too often had taken its toll. I wanted to get myself in better shape, not just for my holiday but also to stay that way. Craig's plan helped me stick to a bit of a routine but also the flexibility to eat lots of different foods also. After years of going up and down i'll be staying lean now. Does exactly what it says on the tin!

Tom -

Having recently had my second child, I felt low in myself and piled on nearly 3 stone. I'm so thankful I asked Craig for his guidance and expertise! With his help I've shed the baby weight by following his meal plans and excellent advise. I was due to be married hence why I needed to loose the weight in such a short period. Having followed his advise I feel a lot more energetic (even with a newborn) and feel confident with my post baby body. I can't thank him enough. Nothing was too much for Craig and whenever I had a question it would be answered promptly. Thank you so much for your help, I'll be recommending you to everyone.

Lindsey -

I'd not been playing football through injury and had been busy with work so I was picking foods on convenience. I had noticed my body change and wanted to get back in to shape before my holiday. I spoke to Craig who gave me a list of foods to use in my meals and taught me to time certain foods around training. I starting jogging again and made sure I kept to the food plan most of the time. I made really good progress and felt better for it.

Simon -

I started off at 12 stone, obese & miserable. I contacted Craig for help. He took my medical conditions into account, made simple changes and was the first person to make me realise how much I could eat without gaining weight. I mostly train myself now as I know what my body can do, but Craig is always there to help me tweak my plan and to get me out of my own head when I plateau.

Laura -
Aaron Verral - 6 Weeks

I weighed almost 20 stone, thanks to you and all your advice I'm down to 12 stone, I feel amazing, can run longer and faster than before, I have less muscle pain and no longer in danger of becoming Diabetic. One thing I never thought would happen, I actually enjoy drinking lots of water, it makes me feel fresh. I'm eating better than I have in 33 years on this earth so a huge thank you to you. I now want to get back in to football and take up boxing to help control my mental health even more. I'm now un-medicated for the first time since 2006 and stable, amazing service.

Aaron -
Nicole Burgess - 6 Weeks

Feeling absolutely fab, loads of energy, eating properly, its the way forward! It sounds daft but my hair has grown loads, my skin is well clear and another load of clothes that don't fit anymore and I'm not even close to finished yet. No bulls**t, clean eating and getting my ass off the settee to do it! I appreciate your help you've helped me so much, massive thanks, anybody needing to talk about nutrition plans, he's your guy.

Nicole -

I managed to lose a total of 2 stones & 4 pounds! I'd already bought a smaller size in wedding dress and still had to have it taken in some more so really happy! It goes to show it's not a fad diet and the weight really does stay off. I'm on track to lose another stone before my birthday in November. I've completely changed my eating habits and can fit into loads of clothes I haven't been able to in ages! Many thanks for all your help, I couldn't have done it without you.

Donna -

I had absolutely no idea about nutrition and how the food types affect your body. I couldn't work out how I'd gained the weight until Craig showed me where I was going wrong. Some foods that I avoided thinking they were bad aren't and are now part of my diet. I'd been told by the doctor my cholesterol was high which gave me more motivation to keep the weight off. I now feel better and I'm able to manage it by myself.

Barry -

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