Detox Diets! The Truth!

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You will no doubt have heard of a Detox Diet. Some Detox diets specifically target one organ, although don't report why or how. Most Detox diets include juicing, blending, drinking herbal juices or teas or taking supplements. There's absolutely no evidence showing benefit, they're simply a fad.

People will defend Detox's, saying things like "last time I lost a stone". First and foremost, well done, however I would guess that weight will have returned since.

Here's why you think they're beneficial...

Most Detox diets result in a large drop in calories, replacing a typical 4-500 calorie meal with a 200 calorie shake/juice etc. You've simply dropped a lot of calories, losing glycogen (energy in your muscles from carbs), which then makes you lose water, resulting in you losing a quick 5-6lbs on the scales. You think you've "lost weight", which you have, but not fat. This is not sustainable, so you can't and won't stick to it, and it would also be unhealthy to do so.

Many people looking for a Detox already have poor dietary habits. Therefore, removing alcohol, processed foods and replacing them with a nutrient dense diet abundant with fruit and vegetables will of course be beneficial. This isn't anything to do with the juice or remedy you're using, but because you're swapping poor quality foods with more nutritious ones. Not rocket science.

Question... where are these toxins you're trying to get rid of?
Lets take one example of a detox, the Liver Detox. The liver monitors the contents of the blood and removes any potentially toxic substances immediately, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Toxins do not accumulate in the liver or anywhere else, and as such do not need detoxifying, flushing or anything else. The human body has the ability to excrete toxins that enter the body on its own. There is absolutely no evidence to suggest that a detox diet is necessary or enhance your health.

In conclusion: A Myth and a Fad.
A Detox is a marketing strategy designed to treat a medical condition that is non-existent, and if anything could be causing harm. Detox diets lead people to believe they have been ‘cleansed’ and return to consuming poor food choices only to detox again months later. The knock on effect of poor food choices, lack of exercise, and alcohol consumption cannot be ‘flushed’, 'Detoxed' or ‘cleansed’ from the body. Save your money and make better choices.

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