personal training

If you're local to me...

I work with many of my clients from distance, them being based all over the world, from my local town to Australia & the USA.

However, I am still very much on the gym floor, day to day, working with clients, from pharmacists to professional footballers, business owners to JiuJitsu competitors, lawyers to other Personal Trainers.

I don't sell an hours exercise. I sell a journey, a result, a path to somewhere better, whatever "better" means to the client.  If you want a result, I can't sugarcoat it, I will map out exactly what is required to get you there.
I understand and appreciate each client brings something different to the table. Individual challenges, strengths, ambitions, lifestyles. Physically each client brings something different too. My experience & continued education means I can completely tailor what we do, from exercise selection through to your nutrition & supplementation. This is more than just picking up some weights. I have one eye on your long term vision, whilst the other is on you learning enough to go it alone when the time comes.

To this day I am still adding more tools to my trade. For me to ask clients to be the best they can be, I have to do the same. You'll often find me attending courses, seminars, workshops and practical days with some of the most experienced and esteemed PT's in the country. 




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