"Craig has really helped me to achieve my goals with his motivation, knowledge & encouraging approach. I lost over 2 stones but more importantly I gained confidence, strength & a new healthy lifestyle."

“I definitely need to thank you a lot for the help you’ve given and always reassuring me to trust the process and keep going, pushing me in the right direction not sugar coating anything. As well for taking the time to sort my workouts with me. I guess the before picture is a visual representation of the place I was at for months not taking as much (if any) care of myself. Then with all the right help and determination I got back up and came back stronger making big changes I never thought I could do for myself. Eventually it all paid off.”

"After losing my motivation Craig helped me get back on track. I would highly recommend Craig if you are wanting a good honest coach. Since I started working with him I feel a lot more confident inside and out. He is very professional, precise and encouraging and knows how to bring out the best of you."

“I am delighted with my results. I spent so many years getting bogged down thinking that I had to do everything perfectly in order to lose weight that I totally missed the point. Your plan has been such a turning point in my life – I am so much more confident & happier with myself & I no longer strive for perfection. My husband has never seen me this slim. Prior to your plan I would have agreed that losing weight wasn’t easy but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that it HAS been easy. Your plan was so straightforward & I found it very easy to follow & stick to. Thank you for everything Craig, you’ve totally transformed my life.”

“Slowly but surely, without even realising, I was putting on weight and I got to a point last year where I looked in the mirror and genuinely HATED myself. Like REALLY hated myself and how I looked. I had to do something about it. After signing up to Get Lean Stay Lean, Craig quickly came up with a meal plan that would work for me, based on foods I like whilst also prompting me to try new foods. My plan still allowed me to have sweet treats in order to keep me on track so that I didn’t crave these foods. The great thing about GetLeanStayLean is the accountability of checking in weekly with updates and receiving encouragement. I’m proud of myself for sticking to this and can’t thank Craig enough for pushing me to achieve this!”

“I was quite lean to start with but I decided to sign up because I wanted to see what a better version of myself would look like. Thanks to Craigs' constant support and guidance I have achieved my goal of getting leaner and it feels amazing! I like how he changed the way I think about the food and how I learned from him to make “macros” work for me to get the desired results. Thank you!”

“I started off at 12 stone, obese & miserable. I contacted Craig for help. He took my medical conditions into account, made simple changes and was the first person to make me realise how much I could eat without gaining weight. I mostly train myself now as I know what my body can do, but Craig is always there to help me tweak my plan and to get me out of my own head when I plateau.”

“I was initially drawn to Craig because of his no bullshit attitude. Craig is a real person who understands the struggles real people go through, and that life generally gets in the way. He’s super encouraging and made me feel good about myself without giving me too much of a hard time if I had a bad day/meal etc. Thanks to Craig I’ve changed small habits and understand more about myself and my emotional eating tendencies. Going it alone has been harder than I thought, but the thing with Craig is he’s always there. I saw a change in the time I was with him and not all my victories were visible. Thanks Craig!!”

"We smashed it! Self-motivation; commitment and uncompromising accountability sprinkled with a generous helping of knowledge from you enabled me to trust the process and make pivotal lifestyle changes to achieve these results in this phase of my journey…"



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