“My weight had increased significantly, with a seriously negative impact on my regular charity events. My decision to sign up for the Kalmar Ironman was filled with regret and for the first time ever, my strong mentality and confidence had taken a huge hit. I got in touch with Craig who discussed the 12 week plan and my life changing journey began. Straight away I noticed my energy levels were increasing again through the tasty and healthy food options & incorporating weights into my fitness routines for the first time ever. Craigs’ professionalism and support throughout the process has been life changing and installed a new confidence inside me moving forward. Everyday I feel fitter, stronger, more energetic and most importantly very happy both physically and mentally. One amazing thing about the incredible plan provided by Craig is these results showing a total weight loss of 2stones, have been achieved whilst maintaining my busy weekend social activities and still enjoying several beers along the way. Not once has it felt like a “diet” and it’s been great fun throughout the whole process. Anyone wanting to change their mindset for life with regards to your training and diet, please get in contact with Craig and start your life changing journey as well.”

“I have been a solid gym go-er for a while now and I like to think I have a good understanding of health and fitness. When it comes to dieting though I lack discipline, motivation and inspiration. I came to Craig for help. Craig gave me all the info I could have asked for and more! With his guidance and motivation I have managed to clean up my diet. It has made a massive difference. I feel better all round as well as looking so much better too! He has always been there to answer my questions, and has catered to my likes and dislikes! Thanks Craig for all your help, Chris.”

“Craig helped me unlock my potential, after years of on-off dieting and various gym memberships Craig finally made me accountable for my actions. Sticking to simple logic, no complex diet, nothing totally off limits, Craig made it easy for me to improve both physically and mentally by making small tweaks to my lifestyle. Having lost 10kg overall I finally find myself in a place of contentment with a clear idea of how to maintain a lifestyle that suits me.”

“So 20 weeks ago I decided to make a change, I hated how I looked and how I felt everyday, I spoke to Craig and explained to him my goal of what I wanted and he had no doubts that I could achieve them, fast forward 20 weeks, a pandemic and 3 lockdowns later I have lost over 35lbs and gained much more happiness in my self. If anyone thinks “nah i’ll never be able to do it”, please stop, it’s not true, trust me! I just want to say thank you, if only you knew how much you have helped change my life.”

“Picking up an injury puts you in a dark place. No fitness, no exercise and diet goes out of the window. Being a young lad I thought I knew it all but every time I tried getting back into the gym I was on and off. With Craig I learnt you can balance your diet and enjoy what you’re eating and still lose weight! I owe everything to Craig for getting me back to trying my hardest to get back into shape and to a routine which suited my lifestyle. He helped me daily with constant contact and updates which made it an excellent experience. Once again, Thank you Craig.”

“I’d piled on the weight and decided it was time to change. I’d seen a lot of people on meal replacements and I knew that wasn’t for me. I’d seen Craigs results and ethos, so I got in touch. He set me up with a very flexible diet plan and I got going. With his guidance and expert knowledge I’ve not only changed my weight, but changed my lifestyle as well. I haven’t slept right for the past 2 years but genuinely my sleeping is better too. Craig has extraordinary knowledge and his results do more talking than I ever could. Really enjoying seeing the results. Dieting isn’t anywhere as hard as it’s made out to be.”

"Can’t thank Craig enough for his knowledge and guidance on both nutrition and training. He’s managed to give me the one thing no ‘diet’ or extreme fad can – and that’s balance, something I thought i’d never get. That’s the difference in getting lean and staying lean. Thank you."

“I’d started a strict diet the week previous to get a head start, but when I received the meal plan from Craig, I was pleasantly surprised at what, and how much I could eat! Craig offered various alternatives if there were foods that I couldn’t eat, and meals can be altered if you are hungry/full at different times of day. Everything is structured around you, and taken care of. All you have to do is commit, and follow through the instructions. I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been in, weighing 177lbs and at 14% body fat. My only regret, is that I didn’t do it sooner."

“After deciding I was fed up with being a fat retired racer with a daddy belly, I got in contact with Craig. Dieting has never been so easy with simple and easy steps to watching what you eat and meal plans to enjoy all sorted out for you. Craig is always on hand for support and guidance and I’m happy to say, with his plan I managed to lose 18lb and 12cm off my waist and never felt better. Happy to be this weight now, feel so much better about myself. The best feeling I’ve had is how much better I feel in clothes. I’ve tried so many things in the past and this has been so easy. Thank you buddy!”

“After coming back from a lads holiday I decided to give GLSL a go. The meals were diverse & interesting, the knowledge on how & when to eat was detailed but not overwhelming & I’ve never looked leaner… Fantastic flexible support, no fad-like diet tips, just real food & I got the results… I’d recommend GLSL to anyone who was looking to feel fresher, eat real food & burn some body fat!”



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