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My take on the “5:2 Diet”… and it’s good!

If you haven’t heard of “The 5:2 Diet” it is basically a way of dieting where you “diet” 5 days a week and eat “normally” the other 2 days, to give you a break. Sounds perfect right? Dieting with 2 days off a week to eat your favourite foods? I believe it’s a great idea, there is just one slight problem… Most people eat far...

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Weights or Cardio?

I don’t want to create a debate, because there isn’t one, and I always recommend varying your exercise… However, a question I am asked regularly, “what’s best for burning fat, weights or cardio?” In a 45 minute gym session, cardio will more than likely burn more calories than lifting weights. HOWEVER… Hold that thought… Once you step off that treadmill, crosstrainer or bike, the calorie...

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3 reasons your diet isn’t working..

Why your diet isn’t working… 1. You’re lying about what you’re eating.. You’re simply not being honest. You document the healthy stuff you consume, but don’t take in to account the other things, the biscuits at work, that bit of cake after tea, them cups of coffee with 2 sugars in. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have them but it all counts towards your daily/weekly...

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