Why your New Year's resolution will only last 4 days.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016 - by: 

Each year, January the 1st comes, and it's "new year new me". The mission is to get fit, slimmer, be healthier.

But in truth, how many of these people, who set off with the best of intentions, actually succeed?

The majority quit after 4 days.


The jump from eating mince pies, drinking alcohol and emptying boxes of chocolates to then exercising every day, attempting to eat optimally and not going out for a drink with your friends is too much. It's a huge lifestyle change. It's too big a jump to break all those habits in one go. But everyone tries it. You'll then start to see exercise as a chore and a punishment for eating sh*t food.

0 gym sessions a week to 5-6 is not realistic.
4 take-away's a week to 0 take-away's a week is not realistic.
It's pressure most people can't withstand.

We are creatures of habit. We don't like it when someone comes along and tries to break our habits.

When you can't hack the total overhaul you'll get despondent, crave that pizza or Chinese, and end up back at square one and "start again on Monday". We've all done it. Don't overwhelm yourself with restrictions.

All our success stories have been built around making small changes, bit by bit. When progress slows, there is always something to change. Let's focus on making small changes to your nutrition, your training and your lifestyle.

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