Your Macro's (& why they're all important!)

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Our food is made from 3 macronutrients; Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats. All 3 have their roles within our body. Previously people have adopted diets based around “low fat” or “low carb”, based on the belief that they make you gain weight (complete garbage FYI).

Here’s why all 3 have their importance:

The most talked about macronutrient in the fitness industry. Vital for muscle growth, repair and development, it is also required for cell & immune function and many others.

The most controversial macronutrient, but hopefully people are less scared of fats nowadays. They’re a great source of energy, essential for cell health, hormonal function and efficient nervous system. They’re split into saturated and unsaturated, with unsaturated split into “poly” and “mono”.

Carbohydrates provide our body with an energy source, essentially glucose, consumed by your brain, liver and your muscles. They’re labelled the enemy but carbs from the right sources are important.

To simplify, there are processed and unprocessed carbs. Processed are typically flours, breads, sugars, pastries, all products that have involved humans to alter them and make them more appealing to consume. Unprocessed are typically still in their natural form; fruit, vegetables, beans, potatoes, quinoa, rices.

People often cut carbs right back or eliminate them completely in the belief that they are making them store fat. The underpinning reason for carbs being reduced is that they’re simply less essential than protein or fat. Cutting protein or fat from your diet would have health consequences, whereas cutting carbohydrates back has less detrimental effect. They’re not the enemy.

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