Get Lean Plan


The Get Lean Plan is a one-off “diet setup”.

Knowing where to start is always the hardest part.

“What should I eat?”
“How many calories should I be consuming?”
“What is good, what is bad?”
“Am I doing enough exercise?’

I’ll set up the ideal starting point for your diet.

Your daily Calorie intake. A Protein intake target. A daily step-count. An exercise routine.

This isn’t a copy and paste off-the-shelf product, it is based around you, your lifestyle and your goal. If 6am circuits in your living room aren’t your thing, they won’t feature.

You'll complete a lifestyle questionnaire, and I'll begin building your plan from there, because we all know 'one-size-fits-all' diets don't work!

The Get Lean Plan has been used to achieve outstanding results with people ranging from my own local gym to people on other continents across the world. I’m confident that if you take the expert advise I provide you, put in the work and trust the process, your results will be not only inevitable but deeply rewarding.

To really help, I’ll throw in my two most recent Recipe eBooks too, packed with tasty meal ideas.




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