LeanVIP’ is my one-to-one, private monthly coaching programme that has helped past clients achieve their fat-loss goals, improve their energy levels and regain their body confidence.

Transforming the way your body looks and performs isn’t easy, so it should be made simple and focus on what gets results.

LeanVIP is like having a Personal Trainer, but in your pocket. I won’t be next to you on the weights bench, I’ll be busy guiding you from afar, covering your diet, exercise and overall lifestyle. We all know that, with 168 hours in a week, the results you crave aren’t achieved in the few hours spent in a gym.

LeanVIP focuses on building a diet & lifestyle you'll enjoy and sustain.

I have developed a system that leaves no stone unturned. There is no guesswork and everything we do has a purpose. We set and track your calorie intake and activity levels to ensure we are hitting the numbers required.
 We ‘check in’ weekly to monitor your progress & agree any adjustments needed.
 What gets measured gets managed.

Completely lost with your nutrition? Need accountability? Over-thinking macronutrients, food groups and exercises? Not making the progress with your fat-loss that you feel you should be making? I get it.

I’m mainly found on the gym floor, but my LeanVIP programme is you getting access to my coaching no matter who or where you are.

This is not an “off-the-shelf” product, it is built around you, for you. It is you getting results, not stalling on an over-restrictive or crash diet.

You will be provided with the tools necessary to maximise your results. Progress and results are my game and I’ll strive to get you where you want to be.




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