So you want to lose body-fat, get leaner, fitter, healthier & feel better about yourself, in clothes & in front of the mirror?

We all know that, with 168 hours in a week, the results you crave are achieved in the hours spent outside the gym.

LeanVIP is an in-depth one-to-one 12-Week programme that cuts through the confusion to achieve results your friends will raise their eyebrows at.

LeanVIP is like having a Personal Trainer for 3 months, but in your pocket. I won’t be next to you on the treadmill or weights bench, I’ll be busy adjusting your plan & guiding you from afar, covering your diet, exercise and overall lifestyle.

For less than the price of one PT session each week, I will…

* Design a personalised menu around your lifestyle, preferences & calorie needs.
* Assess your exercise regime & make adjustments to suit your individual goal.
* Assess your Food Diaries & provide constructive feedback where needed.
* Provide ongoing Q&A support throughout.
* Be on hand to optimise & adjust all parts of your plan wherever necessary.
* Look at your calorie intake, macro-nutrients, supplements, activity levels & more.
* Schedule regular check-ins with you at agreed intervals to monitor your progress.

This is not an “off-the-shelf” product, it is built around you, for you. It is you getting results, not stalling on an over-restrictive or crash diet. You will be provided with the tools necessary to maximise your results, to not only Get Lean, but Stay Lean.

[The cost can be split in to 2x payments of £170, please contact me to arrange. Following the 12 week period, you may continue on a month-to-month basis if desired]