Meet Craig…

It used to be me… I was overweight. I wasn’t exercising and I was completely ignorant towards my diet.

I fell upon a gym where professional boxers trained. One had won Gold in the Commonwealth Games and taught me the basics of weight-management. This sparked my interest in fat-loss and body composition, leading to me going back to University to gain an honors degree in ‘Sport & Exercise Physiology‘ amongst other qualifications. Many courses, conferences, workshops, lectures, books, journals and hours trawling research later, here I am.

I’ve been on the same journey that I’m now empowering others to make, so I understand the challenges but also the huge rewards. I have a passion for making people look and feel better without them being misled by false promises and the many unhealthy myths and lies in this crazy industry. My honest, educated and experienced methods cut straight to what’s important, leaving the ‘fluff’ to one side. You tell me where you want to get to, and I map out how we get there. Your end-goal becomes my priority, and by delving in to your lifestyle, I leave nothing to chance.

Here are some of the people I have coached.

  • BSc (Hons) Sport & Exercise Physiology
  • NVQ3 Personal Training
  • NVQ2 Fitness Instruction
  • SAQ Strength & Conditioning
  • NVQ3 Nutrition Consultancy
  • 3 Years as a Nutrition Consultant
  • 3 Years as a Personal Trainer
  • 3 Years working in Professional Football
  • 31, based near Leeds, UK