Carbs Carbs Carbs!

When trying to “lose weight” or “drop fat” or whatever term you want to use, Carbs are the first thing we demonise and cut out or limit. There’s evidence to show benefits from a low carbohydrate lifestyle, but wouldn’t we best off knowing how many we need per day? Think of Carbs as fuel… petrol/diesel, whatever floats your boat. If you’re sedentary and do very...

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Sets and Reps Simplified!

3 things overheard in the gym… “How many reps should I do? 6? 10?” “Light weight, lots of reps!” “8-12 reps will help you build muscle” The truth is…. unless that last repetition of each set is really challenging you then you’re not working hard enough! When someone says “Do 5 reps” that doesn’t mean just do 5 aimless reps and then stop, it means...

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Stay Off The Weighing Scales!

We all jump on the scales from time to time, some more than others, but please do not get obsessed with it! For most, checking now and then is piece of mind you’re not over-doing things, but when people are actively trying to get leaner, its the first thing they turn to when checking their progress. Some clients I’ve had check it every day! No!...

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Women & Weights

Women: Lift some weights! There is this huge misconception that if women start weight-training at the gym then they’ll develop loads of muscle and become “bulky” or “big”. 

 This, I think, comes from the image of males hitting the weights hard and developing muscle. The truth is, guys have a hell of a lot more testosterone and growth hormone, therefore find it easier to...

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