Do I have to pay the full price upfront?


What is included in plan?

Once I receive your questionnaire you will receive several PDF's including shopping list, menus, some helpful tips and myths to avoid, a sample exercise programme and a recipe PDF too. The PDF's will show you how to structure your meals and we will monitor your progress weekly via progress logs and food diaries. We can then tweak things if we need to.

Do I need to be a gym member?

For better results it is recommended but not completely essential. Past clients have trained from home, gone for long walks, gone swimming or cycled. Not exercising at all means your body burns considerably less calories than someone who does, meaning progress will be slower.

What happens after the plan?

What you will learn during your plan is how to fuel your body correctly so you can carry on and maintain a healthy weight and body composition, however if you need to repeat the plan or extend it then this is possible.

How is it tailored to me?

Some of the information sent is generalised, especially in the beginning. The plan aims to be flexible enough for you to choose your preferred foods and choose the exercise you prefer doing. Further into the plan we will set minimum and maximum daily calorie goals specific to you and ensure you're maximising your health by achieving the correct nutrients for your body.

Do you offer a discount if me and my partner do it together?

Yes. Email us for a discount code. Some of the best results we have seen have been when couples do the plan together.

Can I follow the nutrition plan but do my own training?

Yes that is fine, please tell us in the questionnaire or via email. In Phase 2 and 3 we may suggest new ideas to add in to your training too to help your progress.

I am a fussy eater, will I be ok?

No nutrition plan can make you eat something you don't want to eat, in most cases a suitable replacement can be suggested and this can be discussed via email.

How many training sessions will I need to do in a week and what sort of training?

This entirely depends on what you do now. Some clients choose to carry on doing what they are currently, others want something new. The focus in the beginning is changing your dietary habits. The type of exercise and how often is something we discuss as we go through your plan.

Do I need to take supplements such as protein shakes?

You don't have to, although it is recommended and they will be outlined in your plan. No product or supplement will be pushed on you.

I’m worried eating healthier is really expensive?

This is a myth, the ingredients featured in the plan can be bought at reasonable costs from everyday supermarkets, butchers and markets. There is a reason junk food is "cheap".

Do my photos have to be shared on the website and social media sites?

No. We ask that you take photos firstly for your own benefit and motivation. Photos can be sent at the end of the 12 weeks and if you give permission then we will remove your identity.

Can I drink alcohol?

We recommend not doing. Whilst alcohol is in your body it completely stops fat-burning. If you do want to have a drink then clearer drinks are recommended and sparingly. The more you consume and the more often, the longer you're spending burning alcohol instead of fat!

Do I have to start straight away as I’m going on holiday?

No. You decide when to start. Once you get started it is recommended you are consistent without breaks for the best results.

How much will I lose?

We are all individuals and our bodies respond differently. We will discuss personal goals via email.

Can I email you to ask for support and how often do I need to check in with you?

Email support is provided throughout the plan as required by you. You must check in once weekly, on Friday mornings unless discussed otherwise via email. I will not chase you up, it is important for your progress that you keep me updated so amendments can be made if needed.

How much water should I drink?

It is outlined in the plan and is completely individual but 1.5 to 2 litres a day is recommended, if your urine is light to clear then you're suitably hydrated. Fat burning will be stunted if you are dehydrated.

Can I drink Tea and Coffee?

Yes, there are many benefits to these and will be discussed in your plan if required.

How strict should I be?

Ultimately this is your choice. The closer you stay to the plan the quicker and better the results will be. If you only follow the plan 75-80% of the time you will only get 75-80% of the results.

Can I do anything to speed the fat-loss up?

It's not healthy to lose huge amounts of fat in a short space of time. I am confident that by following the plan sent your body will respond promptly.

When do we start?

Once payment has been made and questionnaire completed so I get a picture of your current habits and lifestyle, your plans will be sent out within 2-3 working days.