Will drinking water help you lose weight?

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Drinking water is kind of essential right? If you don't, you die.

A huge number of people are dehydrated at any one time. Most new clients when they come to me and complete food & drink diaries simply don't drink enough. But will drinking water help you lose weight?

Within 10 minutes of drinking water, it temporarily increases your metabolism by 24-30%. This means your body burns slightly more calories.

As you’ll now be more hydrated you’ll have more energy and without being too aware you will move more - burning more calories in the process.

If the water is cold, your body will expend more energy warming it up (means burning more calories).

Drinking water before meals can also slightly suppress your appetite, meaning you’ll eat less when it comes to mealtime.

It’s believed drinking half a litre of water burns 23 calories. They all add up...

If you consciously make an effort to drink more water you’ll probably swap water for one or two of your normal drinks like coffee, tea or a juice. That’s another calorie save!

It’s a subtle change to your diet and lifestyle that will really help, and it's free.

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