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You will constantly hear people say "I've got a slow metabolism" and you've probably got a friend who seems to be able to stuff their face without gaining weight because they've "got a fast metabolism".
The truth is there is no such thing as a fast or slow metabolism. To make this easier I want you to think of it as "high" or "low" metabolism. Let's for a moment think of us like cars, every car burns a different amount of fuel, some a lot, some not so much. We are the same. An athlete will have a "high metabolism", an old lady in her 80's sat all day will have a "low metabolism".
What can make our metabolism higher?
I heard someone today say "drink water with lemon in it increases your metabolism". Highly unlikely I'm afraid. Consuming a lemon is not going to make your body burn more calories.
The two best ways to increase your metabolism and burn more calories are to add muscle and to move more. The more muscle you add, the more calories you will need to maintain the muscle tissue, and the more you move the more calories you burn.
Quite simple really....
When devising training programmes to go alongside our diet plans we maximise ensuring your metabolism is as high as possible...

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