3 reasons your diet isn't working..

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Why your diet isn't working...

1. You’re lying about what you’re eating..
You’re simply not being honest. You document the healthy stuff you consume, but don’t take in to account the other things, the biscuits at work, that bit of cake after tea, them cups of coffee with 2 sugars in. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have them but it all counts towards your daily/weekly total. Log it all and be honest.

2. You’re restricting yourself too much..
Your mind-set is “right, Monday I’m starting my diet”, so Monday comes and you eat jack sh*t, you eat like a rabbit. A cup of tea and a piece of fruit for breakfast, a salad for lunch, etc. It’s simply not possible to sustain this. You’re not in a concentration camp. Your body requires more. It needs Protein, it needs some Fat, and it needs a certain level of Carbs. I read somewhere the average duration of a diet is 4 days. You won’t achieve your goal in 4 days.

3. You STILL believe the boll*cks you get told..
No carbs after 6pm. No sugar. No alcohol. Low fat. A detox. A cleanse. Meal replacements. Skipping meals. Toning. Juicing. Raspberry ketones. All complete garbage. All myths.

Your body will change when your habits change. When you commit. When you are consistent. When you realise you are holding yourself back. When you pick a goal, and work towards it. Not 1 meal a day. Not 2 days a week.

Want your personalised plan? Want a coach? Want to be accountable? More importantly, do you want results?

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