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"How to lose belly fat after having a baby?"
Quite frankly, remove the "baby" and remove the "belly" from the sentence, because they're not important here. You want to lose fat. The way you go about it is the same as any fat, anywhere. Calorie deficit. From a good fat-loss plan. Where the fat is or how it got there, doesn't make a difference.

"Best way of measuring progress?"
Take photos, take measurements, track weight. Understand photos will not change day to day, but fortnightly I'd expect to see a difference. Take measurements, perhaps weekly. Waist, stomach, legs, chest, all good places to start. Track weight, either track it daily and make a note of it, watching the downward trend, or do it loosely, fortnightly. I prefer the more often approach, doing it once in a while you're in danger of catching it on a "bad day", if there's some water retention masking things you'll lose motivation.

"I lose weight, but nearly always put it back on, why is this?"
Simply put, once you've lost the weight, you go back to how things were before. The old habits come back and therefore the calorie intake comes back too. If you need 2000 calories a day to maintain your current weight and you spend a month or 2 at say 1600, you'll lose weight. If were having 2400 before your little diet and you go back to 2400, you'll be in a surplus again. find a healthy way of staying at around 2000. As an example!

"How do I find out what body-fat % I am?"
Without a DEXA scan or having access to skinfold calipers, you don't, and it doesn't really matter. Just like your weight you won't walk around with your weight printed on your T-Shirt, same goes for body-fat%.
If you're progressing then it's coming down. Looking good in the mirror/naked it surely enough to satisfy!

"How many meals a day should I eat for fat-loss?"
It really doesn't matter. I am a big fan of 4. Breakfast, Lunch, Evening and something small Pre-Bed, it just seems to work for my clients. Some will eat more regularly, others will skip breakfast and have 2 larger meals. It's the calorie content of the total that counts. How you spread it out is your choice!

"Thoughts on intermittent fasting?"
It can be a useful tool. It's by no means essential, but if you can identify a period of your day where you're not hungry and have no appetite then by all means use it. Some people don't eat breakfast and this is effectively fasting, going all night and the morning without food. Providing you don't over-do the calories in the "feeding" part of the day then it could be useful. Try it!

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