Alcohol & Fat-loss - Can I Still Drink?

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When structuring a diet, alcohol consumption is one of the biggest obstacles we have to overcome.
The most frequently asked questions is… Can I still drink?

The majority of people enjoy a drink, whether it be at home, or socially, despite plenty of warnings about health implications such as mental impairment, weight gain, liver disease and reduced physical performance.

All day you are burning fat, which is pleasing to hear right? The exception is when you’re under the influence of alcohol. The moment alcohol is in your system your body works hard to get rid of it due to it being a toxin, by putting everything else on hold and using it as its primary fuel source, this means…. no fat burning! This makes your weight loss journey difficult!

Alcohol also stimulates your appetite, resulting in you eating more! Because it has no valuable nutrition it leaves you craving other foods (hence the takeaway at the end of a night out!). It’s quite well known that alcohol is dehydrating too. Fat-loss will not happen whilst you are dehydrated!

When it comes to fat loss, testosterone is a key hormone. Less testosterone = less fat loss. Unfortunately the more alcohol we consume, the lower our testosterone levels. For those looking to build muscle, this becomes an issue for them too as testosterone is a big player!

Can you drink and lose weight? If you factor it in to your calorie goals, then yes, but this becomes ever more difficult the more you drink and the more often you do so. Give yourself the best chance and keep your body burning fat day and night!

If you are going to drink, there are better and worse choices.
Our tips would be;
– consume water too, to stay hydrated.
– consume lower caloric drinks such as wine and vodka (not together!).
– be careful of what you eat whilst under the influence.

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