The "Kitchen Roll Theory"

Tuesday, January 28, 2020 - by: 

Have you heard of the "Kitchen Roll Theory"?

(It may have been called Paper Towel Theory too)

Fat loss is a little like a kitchen roll.

Place a kitchen roll on your worktop. Tear one piece off.

Now go back tomorrow and do the same.

Will it look much different?

Probably not.

After 5 days? It may only be slightly smaller so the visible difference will be absolutely minimal.

What about after 10 days? It will most likely start to look smaller.

This is what is going on when your body drops body fat. It happens, bit by bit.

Another very important point to remember;

We all store body fat in different places. A dude may store it predominantly on his stomach, his chest, his back, and in small quantities on his face.

A woman may store it predominantly on her arms, her legs, and around her middle.

There are many different sites in which body fat will store, and subsequently come off from. If you were to have a skin-caliper assessment, they'd measure up to 9 different sites.

What if you have looked in the mirror and not seen much difference, but you've lost a small amount across all 9 of those different sites? It will be less noticeable than losing it all from, say, your stomach.

Keyword; patience!

Tear one piece of kitchen roll off every single day, and don't come back for at least 7-10 days!

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