My take on the "5:2 Diet"... and it's good!

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If you haven’t heard of “The 5:2 Diet” it is basically a way of dieting where you “diet” 5 days a week and eat “normally” the other 2 days, to give you a break.

Sounds perfect right? Dieting with 2 days off a week to eat your favourite foods?

I believe it’s a great idea, there is just one slight problem… Most people eat far too much in the other 2 days and cancel out any progress made in the 5 days.

The solution?

Let's say you need 2000 calories to maintain your weight, hitting around 1600-1700 per day would be a good start to start your fat-loss.

So if you decided 5:2 was for you, then Monday-Friday 1600-1700 calories is the maximum, Saturday & Sunday you can have 2000 calories.

What people tend to do is have the 1600-1700 Monday-Friday, then have 3000 Saturday & Sunday because they’re “cheat days”.

I don’t teach 5:2 to my clients, but effectively what we do is the same. If things are going well and we want to make progress a little quicker then it may be a little more like 6:1. On the other hand if someone has been on board a while and needs a longer break, perhaps has social events coming up, it may turn in to 4:3.

My favourite thing about 5:2? Despite only dieting for 5 days a week instead of 7, it’s a lot easier to stick to. It may, for example, take 12 weeks instead of 10 to hit your goal, but isn’t that better than trying to do it in 10 and having to “start again on Monday” because you undid your hard work in 1 weekend? I’d say so.

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