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One probably for the women: "Toning".

If people understood the way you achieve the "toned" look, it would help you get to that goal quicker. Yesterday I heard someone say; "I don't need to lose weight I just need to tone up".

So when people say "toned" they are referring to looking defined and having shape, being able to see a little bit of muscle.... Right?

The belief is that a particular set of exercises or a type of training will achieve this, maybe using light weights with lots of repetitions, or targeting the area you want to look toned, such as doing sit-ups for a “toned” stomach.

The truth is this; the muscle you want to see is already there, every single one of us have abs. The reason some people look "toned" and you don't, is down to BODY FAT. Your abs are there, they're just covered with a layer of fat. If you used to be able to see them, and can't anymore, you've gained fat.

So how do we get to see them? 50 sit-ups a day for 6 weeks? No.

The truth is you can do one million sit-ups a week, you will not see your abs until your body fat drops low enough for them to be visible. How do you do that? Improve your diet.

Don't be of the belief that endless sit-ups will make your abs pop through the fat, or that doing sit-ups will burn the fat from that area, it doesn't work like that. Squats will not burn fat from your bottom, nor will doing tricep dips burn fat from the back of your arms. Yes exercising burns fat, but really you cannot choose where that fat comes off from.

In a nutshell… You can only make your muscles bigger and/or stronger, you cannot "tone" muscle.
If you want to look toned; exercise, improve your diet and the fat will come off, leaving you looking “toned”.

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