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Exercise certainly makes a fat-loss programme easier, I think we all realise that, right?
There are many forms of exercise, from walking, jogging, cycling, interval training, sports, weight training, the list could go on…

But what’s the best? Well if you’re creating a calorie deficit then they will all yield results, but in our opinion getting in the gym and using the weights is our number one choice to supplement a fat-loss programme.


1. You will add lean muscle, which will in itself make your body burn more calories. (Think… becoming a higher powered car!)

2. The training itself tends to replicate interval training in that you’re working hard for a short period, resting, then repeating. Interval training has shown to be highly beneficial and burn 9 times more body fat than lower intensity exercise.
3. It works for everyone, no exceptions. Women, you won’t become “bulky”. Men, you won’t turn into a bodybuilder by accident. Aside from the way it will make you look, it will probably improve your posture too, and that is always a good thing.
4. It improves the way your body handles any naughty food you may have. If you eat a slice of cake and you’re a sedentary individual spending a lot of time sat, that intake of sugar and mass calories will probably store as fat. A person who is fitter and uses weight training will handle these foods better, driving the carbohydrates in the food to muscle, to refuel and go again.

Finally, it is easy to keep weight training fun and varied so you don’t get bored. You can train different body parts, include “super-sets” or “drop-sets”, include circuits or challenges, and progress is really easy to monitor.

Our Get Lean plan includes a sample programme that includes some weight-training protocols. Ready to start your journey?

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